Is SEO dead?

This is a question that we ask ourselves all the time. Is SEO Dead? It certainly seems like it’s harder these days to keep up with the changes Google has made to the search engine results. It use to be that you could get decent rankings on keywords by building backlinks and then naturally rank for those keywords. With the explosion of social media, it naturally is becoming a big factor in how the search engines rank content on the web. It’s not just backlink’s anymore.

One problem with building backlinks and that kind of SEO work is that it was a long term financial commitment with no guarantee of results. It’s similar to normal marketing in that you are trying to get visitors to find you and come to your site by coming up on the front page for a certain set of keywords. These days, it makes more sense to use those funds to buy ads from places like Google Adsense and purchase a stream of visitors that are targeted perfectly for your website.

Given that most of our clients aren’t really interested in the back-linking service we have decided to stop selling SEO services so that we can continue to concentrate on what we are good at.. and that’s Hosting! Everyone should still be aware of how google rankings work and keep these things in mind when developing your website. You still should remain diligent with those efforts. Our Web Design services will continue to keep SEO as part of our design strategy. We’re just not going to provide link building services. If one of our clients is interested in this, we do have a partner relationship where we can still provide SEO but overall we’re removing it from our site and not going to promote it anymore. We’re working on the next generation of our virtual hosting infrastructure so stay tuned for more announcements in the coming month’s of our new Virtual Server offerings.

Website Design Updates Help Draw In Customers

web design slymediaTraditionally, when people launched a website it was enough to get a presence on the Internet. You could get away with leaving it untouched for months or even years. The search engines now have evolved in how they rank website and the competition for organic search rankings is getting tougher for the keywords in your niche.

Today, the search engine’s are looking for more clues into your site as to how it should be ranked. The search engine’s job is to provide the user with a list of sites that are the most relevant and provide a good user experience. One of the factors they look at is how often is the web site updated. The longer your site goes without any updates over time, the website can start to lose visitors and search engine rankings because the site is considered old. To avoid this issue, people should know about how some simple website design updates can help draw customers back into the website and improve rankings.

One way a website design update is going to draw in customers is by giving the customers something new to look at. An easy method with the most impact is to change the theme to something that is “responsive”. Normally people would not think about this, but with the update to the website it is going to become better to look at on mobile devices. If you are already using a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, changing theme’s is relatively easy.

Another way changes will help draw in customers is by adding some type of interactivity to the website. You want to keep your visitors engaged and spending time on your site. When you utilize a CMS (ie. WordPress) in your website design, you can add plugins to your site to increase the functionality. You can easily add more features that will create a better user experience on your site.

Finally, if you continually do small design updates over time, people will end up spending more time on the website. Normally with older website’s there wasn’t a lot of options for people to take advantage of. A static home page, about page, contact page and product page that was about it. When you use a content management system, you can easily make updates to your site to include all sorts of rich content (social media integration, video, images, etc.) for your visitors.

Keeping your website current is a great way to ensure to everyone (search engines, visitors, clients, etc.) that you are committed to providing a good user experience. The first step to being able to provide this easily is by migrating your website into a content management system. Let Sly Media Networks, LLC show you how to take advantage of a CMS as the platform for your website design update.

Hiring the Best Web Design

Web DesignThese days, a well-designed website is a must for any business or organization that wants to succeed. Your website is no longer just an electronic business card; in many cases, it is your main place to do business. You need to invest time and energy into continual web design updates, or else your aging website may drive potential clients away to your competitors and cost you a lot of money.

By hiring a firm that can provide the best web design, can make sure that your company’s website is always up to date. You need to make sure that your website is easy to use and looks great, but trying to do this on your own can be difficult, especially when you have many other tasks that demand your attention. By hiring a top web design firm to help you out, you can get a great website that’s easier to maintain and update.

No matter the organization you work for, you can find an affordable web design firm. Whether you represent a small organization with simple needs or a major firm with more elaborate needs, is the place to start looking. A good web design company that will be able to handle web design for any organization.

Be sure to think what your business is all about before you get started. Examine your competitors, see what they are doing on their site’s so that you can come up with a plan for your website. You may have some ideas already about what sort of website you want, and they can give you some great insight into what will and will not work. Sly Media Networks, LLC can draw upon their years of experience designing websites to help you create a really effective strategy.

Of course, once your website has been created and has put into production, all of your efforts will be wasted if nobody can find it. This is why you should hire a web design team like Sly Media Networks, LLC that has all the expertise in search engine optimization (SEO). By incorporating the latest SEO techniques in the design of your site, you can be sure that you have solid foundation for obtaining rankings in the search engines.

Even if you have an existing website that you have been using for years, you can still benefit from the advice of their team. They can take a look at your existing site and make recommendations about changes or modifications that can make it easier to use and help with your rankings. You might be surprised at how many issues on your site is hurting your search engine rankings. is a web design firm that can locate these issues and correct them for you so that your website is simpler to navigate, utilize and engages your visitors.

Your website is not just a virtual representation of your company. For many, your website IS your company. You should make sure that it represents your organization in the best light. By contracting the best and most experienced web design with Sly Media Networks, LLC, you can quickly obtain a website that enhances your business.

SlyMedia.Net: When Do You Need a Web Design Update?

1661935_origIf you own your website or blog, you should be continually adding web site content in order to help keep your website fresh. You don’t have to completely change the web design just adding new content can make a big difference. You want to keep your audience interested by having fresh content.

You can change your background, the location of certain items and make a few other little changes and it won’t be a big change to your readers. If you do want to make a major update, try not to do it too often. Always making major changes can be confusing for your visitors. A good rule of thumb is to examine your web design annually.

If you never update your site,  you won’t get any visitors. The search engines are looking for current and relevant content that provide a good user experience to the user. If you don’t update your site the search engines will take notice.  Take some time to come up with a good plan for updating and you will find it is easier to do than you think.  Alternatively, you could hire a website company to help make sure your site is up to date.

When you are looking to take your business to the next level, you need to consider the Internet as your source of marketing it. Done properly, your website can be your 24 hour/365 days a year salesperson. The problem is the Internet is full of competition from all over the world, not just your town. To overcome this issue, you should consider contacting SlyMedia.Net to help you launch your website.

You should use SlyMedia.Net for the exceptional web design they can provide without breaking the budget. SlyMedia.Net will find the best web design for your website which will set you apart from your competitors. Many businesses have built a website hoping people will find it. That’s how website’s worked in the past.. Now you need to keep your site fresh and engaging for your visitors to be relevant in the search engines.

web-contentAnother reason to use this marketing company over the competition is the availability of copy writing. This is one of the hardest things to do on the Internet because of how each topic has to be unique. However, with this company you will find they are going to be producing the writing for you and it will be unique and help your website to rank higher in the search engines.

Finally you will want to use this marketing company because of the dedicated marketing manager who can oversee your social media marketing. Social media marketing has recently become one of the hottest forms of marketing. With a dedicated manager you will be able to get the right results from your social media efforts.

Being able to take your business to the next level can present a challenge. Taking advantage of the power of the Internet can help you out, but only if you use the right marketing company. You should click here to be taken to Sly Media Networks, LLC and guarantee you’re starting off on the right track.

Google Apps Authorized Reseller

Apps Reseller Badge


We are pleased to announce that we received our Google Apps Authorized Reseller status! This means that you can contract us to handle your Google Apps for Business needs. From initial setup, handling support requests, or to manage billing. Let’s face it there are lots of benefits migrating away from traditional servers and desktop’s to a cloud hosted solution. It makes your company more portable and accessible from virtually any Internet connected device.



Instead of having lots of technical staff to manage your day to day business operations, tapping in the power of Google Apps for Business you provide your company with a complete Business Productivity Suite of software that always just works!

While the capabilities of this software are amazing, you don’t have the time to try to figure it all out and get your organization all migrated to take advantage of it. That’s where Sly Media Networks comes in. Let us setup your domain and provide personalized support to your organization. You get the power of a service like Google with the personalized support company of someone local who you can trust to setup and manage the technical aspects of it for you.


Contact us for a quote.

Central New York Web Hosting and Marketing

A year ago today Sly Media Networks LLC was formed. We are a web hosting and marketing company located in Central New York.

Our goals are to help business’s secure their presence on the Internet with our web hosting solutions. Once your site ‘s are established we take it to the next level by promoting and marketing your new web site with our SEO/Marketing packages.

Utilizing SEO/Marketing packages on your site will increase your popularity on the web and lead to higher rankings within the search engines. By helping you obtain better ranking, it naturally increases the amount of customer’s visiting your site to help you make more sales.

The yellow pages are almost dead… it’s time to take your business to the next level by using Internet Marketing.

Sly Media Networks is looking forward to working with you. Contact Us to see how we can help with your next web based solution.

What is a Cluster

It seems these days more and more research environments are taking advantage of using a cluster of computers for running parallel programs on them. So what is a cluster? In the computing world there are two types of clustering. One type is for high redundancy and fail-over for usually one high profile computer. In this scenario, let’s say it’s a web server, there would be multiple computers all synchronized together into a cluster so that if any one of the computers died another one would take it’s place. This is what I thought clustering was when I was in the private sector.  When I got into academics is when I realized the other cluster use. The second type of cluster is where you just put lots of computers together and use them all at the same time (in parallel) to compute some type of large data set or algorithm. It’s what I focus on mostly these days and the topic of this discussion.

The main idea here is let’s say for example, you run a program that takes one month to run on one processor. This could be your own personal desktop even. Many times, the program computes some calculation over and over again while changing a variable each iteration. A good example is “over time”. So the same calculation, but time changes in it.

Let’s say that if we wrote the program so that it could send one calculation to one cpu and another calculation (with time incremented) to another cpu we theoretically could cut our time in half to solve the same problem. So running it on 1 cpu takes a month, 2 cpu’s takes 15 days, 4 cpu’s takes a week, and so on. You can see that for certain problems you can vastly increase the turn around time to analyze results.

Now, mind you, this is just the basic idea and there are a lot of issues related to this and in many cases there is a limit to how much performance you can get. Meaning that at some point the time to calculate the problem slows down when you have too many resources. The overhead to manage the communication between hosts takes over and essentially takes longer to process and collect all the output data.

If this is a little technical don’t worry… the main idea is that there are many benefits for using lots of computing resources to solve problems.

Two Types of Compute Clusters

Traditionally in the computational world there were two types of compute cluster configurations. One type is called “Shared Memory” and the other is called a “Beowulf”. With the Shared Memory systems it was boxes of computers plugged together with a very high speed interconnect. This connection between all of the separate motherboards, allowed it to act as one computer with a lot of resources. The advantage of a shared memory system is that usually you could have a lot of memory (RAM) installed in the machine. Load these systems up with a large disk for temporary space and it could really crunch some data sets. With the advent of “cores” lately and the ability to buy memory relatively cheaply (compared to just a few short years ago) many home computers now coming with multiple “cores” are essentially a type of “Shared memory” system. Shared memory systems are great for problems that have large GB sized data sets that need to all be loaded into memory at once to analyze it.

The other type of cluster is a Beowulf cluster. This is where you take multiple computers and hook them together so that they can perform parts of the parallel applications. Each computer generally doesn’t have a lot of resources compared to a single shared memory system but collectively a Beowulf can compete with these numbers. Beowulf’s are best suited for problems where they need lots of CPU time but not a lot of memory or disk storage. So in this scenario just having lots of computers available to run some part of a program is the benefit. A good example of a beowulf cluster is the Seti @ Home or Folding @ Home Projects. Here you can download a screensaver that allows them to use your idle computer to run parts of their very large sets of data that they need to crunch.

Content Hosting and Marketing

We’re working on our first set of products here at Sly Media Networks. A suite of products that will enable local businesses in the Central New York area to transition into the ever changing “online” world. From the small business who knows nothing about the Internet to large scale business already invested in online marketing, we can help you at any stage of your investment into online marketing.

Content Hosting and Marketing
Sly Media Networks LLC

The days of listing your phone number in the “yellow” pages and getting customers is OVER. While it may seem daunting to realize that the only way to survive is to have an online presence, sometimes it can be difficult to make it all come together. Just getting a website built and running isn’t even enough anymore either. Once that’s done, you need to figure out how to get customers visiting the site too!

Having a website now a days isn’t a luxury. It’s a requirement to doing business! We have many services to assist you in every aspect of building  your online presence. It’s our mission to help everyone get connected, as easily as possible, while still allowing you to be able to focus on your business.Sly Media Networks LLC will have three main product groups.

  • Web Hosting
  • SEO Marketing
  • Parallel Computing/Cluster Computing/Professional Services

The Web Hosting group of products is designed to be an entry level product. This is where you sign up for “hosting” of your website. With it you’ll get a cpanel web hosting account with all sorts of tools and special scripts that will allow you to build a very sophisticated web site within no time. Get your feet wet and at least have a site to put on your business card. If you need help building it, we have teams of professional’s that you can contract right from your hosting account. Logo’s, banners, images, theme design, plugin design that sort of thing.

Once you’ve got a web site up and running. It’s time to take it to the next level. This is where the SEO marketing comes into play. The term SEO refer’s to “Search Engine Optimization”. This is the process of analyzing your site (against your competitors in some cases) and figuring out what types of keywords will bring you the most amount of traffic from the search engine’s. Once you have an idea of the type of traffic you are targeting and your keywords you’ll need to make sure that your site is “optimized” for those keywords.  When your site is ready, that’s when you start the promotion of your site on various other sites on the web. This is what gives you “street credibility” and gets you to increase in the rankings in the search engine’s. The Marketing part of this is where AdSense Ad’s, mailing lists, video’s, article submission, press releases, and various other methods are used to promote your site. Gaining rank and popularity doesn’t happen over night. It’s a slow steady process that can take month’s depending on how competitive the keywords your targeting. We have monthly subscriptions that will take care of all this aspect for you. The SEO packages come with added expense. It is our goal to make sure that we are generating enough sales through your site that you will see an excellent return on investment (ROI) to offset those costs.

Lastly is the Parallel Computing/Cluster Computing part.

Sly Media Networks LLC has over 20 years of expertise in Unix/Linux based operating systems. From basic web hosting to high end compute clusters. Let us help you design and build your next online presence. Contact Us


Welcome to Sly Media Networks, LLC’s Website. Stay tuned for some posts on different technical topics related to web hosting, web design, SEO Marketing and High Performance Computing.

You won’t find anything related to Windows or Microsoft related products here. I only utilize open source (usually free) software solutions. Besides the hardware costs, there is not any software maintenance agreements to manage with any solutions we develop. Yearly software maintenance contracts for commercial products can be expensive. With so many free and very well developed software applications out there it doesn’t make any sense to look at commercial (paid) products unless there isn’t anything besides that that can meet your needs.

Check back as we continue to get the site updated …….